The amenities that your guests expect, the reliability and the security that you need will be made easily available by Access at a simple, unbeatable low rate.

Low Rates on Equipment and Installation
Unbeatable one low-rate will give you access to industry standard equipment, installation, and 24/7 monitoring.

Reliable 24/7 Internet Support
Our professional technicians are available 24/7 to assist all your guests. In case of any WiFi disruptions, they will have an opportunity to call and to talk to us directly. So your team is free to focus on your guests instead of IT issues.

Liability management and disclaimer page
ACT provides end-user terms of service, data compliance and usage controls that eliminate your legal liabilities associated with offering a wireless network at your business. We will provide a WiFi access liability disclaimer page that will meet all your ends and requirements.

Fast, Reliable and Secure
Consistently fast every day with a private, direct connection to a network designed for steady speed. ACT is committed to provide a hassle free WiFi access. We manage everything from start to finish so that you can keep your focus on your core concerns- satisfying your guests.

Perfect coverage
ACT can reach places where traditional WiFi system doesn’t work. You will always get the coverage you need with fast, strong signals in every room and common areas. Concrete, brick or steel.

Smooth sailing – no busy hour slowdowns or complaints
We enable you to control data transfer and limit bandwidth for an equally pleasing browsing experience for all your guests. It can be used to ensure that your network continues to operate smoothly and that bandwidth is shared optimally.